Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hearing aid could I have?

Hearing aids have come a long way in the last decade and are more discreet, stylish and closer to natural sound than ever before. Today’s modern devices can also connect seamlessly with your mobile phone, landline, television and more. Many different style and technology options are available within two broad categories:

Daily wear: Ranging from tiny ‘Receiver in the canal’ aids through to ultra-powerful ‘Behind the ear’ models, these are the more familiar devices. They are removed for sleep, bathing, watersports etc and require batteries. Some feature rechargeable batteries that last for up to four years.

Extended wear: A newer concept in hearing aids, known as Lyric. It is a tiny, soft device inserted by a trained audiologist deep into your ear canal and replaced every few months. It’s 100% invisible to others, requires no batteries and is worn all day and night, even when swimming, in the shower or asleep.

Are hearing aids fiddly?

Hearing aids are easy to clean and maintain and every purchase comes with our complementary cleaning care kit, customised instructions and/or bespoke user guide. Your audiologist will ensure you can manage the maintenance, but if extra help is needed, our trained reception staff are available daily to help you – no appointment required. And, now with our latest rechargeable hearing aids, you don’t even need to ever change a battery.

How much will the hearing aid cost?

When you buy a hearing aid, it is not just the instrument and aftercare package that is being purchased, but also the time and expertise of the audiologist. This knowledge and experience comes with the most advanced tests and assessments in our profession.

Hearing aids start from £650 per instrument in our entry-level range. Mid-range is from £1,100 and our premium package costs around £2,200 per aid. Our premium package includes four years’ warranty, batteries, unlimited aftercare sessions and free earwax microsuction. We also offer 6 month interest free and 48 month interest-bearing plans. The most appropriate hearing solution for you may not always be the premium range.

How long will the hearing test take?

A full hearing test lasts between 60-90 minutes and costs £45. It comprises a detailed discussion of your hearing issues and lifestyle needs, a series of tests and examinations, plus demonstrations of recommended hearing solutions, if required.

Do you offer a trial period and returns?

We offer a six-week trial period for new hearing aids. If, at the end of this time, you are not completely satisfied and do not want to keep the instruments, we will endeavour to work with you to obtain better results with other models. If we still cannot meet your needs and the instruments are returned within the trial period, we will refund monies paid less any test or retest fees for consultation, which will be itemised to you at the outset.

What can I get with you that other companies can’t give me?

We are North Essex’s leading, multi-award winning independent hearing aid clinic, offering over 70 years’ combined experience (private and NHS). We are recognised as experts in our field and enjoy recommendation from many local GPs and ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) consultants. Our audiologists and support staff undergo continuous training to keep updated with new technologies from all the leading manufacturers.

Our initial assessment is 90 minutes long, allowing more advanced testing and demonstrations and much more time to listen! We provide one-to-one appointments with the same audiologist for all treatment and aftercare. We also offer onsite earwax microsuction, including the services of a qualified ENT nurse, and a specialised tinnitus clinic. We are the only authorised Lyric extended-wear hearing aid centre in North Essex and South Suffolk.

In addition to all this, our support team is qualified to examine the ears for wax and carry out minor hearing aid repairs and servicing onsite, without need for an appointment – just pop in.

What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover?

A manufacturer’s warranty will cover you for a period of two to four years (depending on the hearing aids ordered) from the point of fitting. It includes repairs that may result from a manufacturer’s fault. The warranty does not cover for accidental damage or loss. For this, we suggest the hearing aids are placed on your own household contents insurance.

When the manufacturer warranty comes to an end, there is the option to take out our own extended warranty. This covers up to a maximum of four years at a cost of £170 per year for two aids or £100 for one aid.

Can you fix my NHS hearing aid?

If we can help we will try, but in general we do not normally deal with NHS hearing aids.

Do you provide home visits?

Yes, we do offer home visits for the housebound. There is a £65 charge for a new home visit.

I have just moved to this area and have private hearing aids bought elsewhere. Can I now book in with your centre?

As long as you have some proof that the hearing aids were prescribed for you personally by a qualified audiologist elsewhere, then – yes – you are welcome to join our centre. We would need to carry out a full hearing assessment and, where necessary, apply alterations to the existing hearing aids, do a clean and check, and follow up any alterations two weeks later. This service is available for £185.00 for approximately 2 ½- 3 hours of consultation time. We are not prepared to refit any hearing aids purchased from the internet.

 I have a family member who does not live in this country, but I have their audiogram print out. Can you prescribe them a hearing aid and I will post it out?

No. We need to see all our patients face-to-face, in order to fit any hearing aids under our code of practice.


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