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20 Year Party

To celebrate our 20th year since the establishment of The Hearing Care Centre back in 1998, we hosted a Sparkling Afternoon Tea Party last October, in the elegant surroundings of Wivenhouse House, near Colchester.

Clients, friends, associates and staff enjoyed a chance to mingle, chat, eat cake and also hear some words from our speakers. Several clients took to the podium, to tell their stories about their journey back to hearing with us and Don McFerran, one of Colchester’s leading ENT consultant surgeons and tinnitus expert, reflected on his long association with the company – ‘always been at the top of their game’, he said about us.

Vicki also shared some thoughts, adding: ‘I entered this profession with a commitment to the highest standards of customer care and service, with a passion to help improve quality of life for hearing impaired people. This commitment and ethos has shaped all that we do, with the resultant high level of client loyalty and satisfaction, along with lives and relationships transformed.’

Here is a short video collage of the day, compiled from amateur footage.


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