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An interview with one of our clients

There’s nothing we love more than receiving great feedback from you, our wonderful clients. We recently had the opportunity to interview Mrs Beedle, one of our hearing aid clients. Keep reading to hear all about her experience!


How did you find out about The Hearing Care Centre? 

I first heard about The Hearing Care Centre when reading an article in the press about Vicki Skeels’ achievements as an entrepreneurial businesswoman.


How would you describe your experience with The Hearing Care Centre team? 

I have always been very impressed with the personal service I’ve received from the team, it is quite different from the NHS. 

One of my favourite things about The Hearing Care Centre is that you always see the same audiologist who knows you and your history. As well as that, each audiologist cares for every aspect of your equipment, constantly being prepared to clean, renew caps, or whatever else you might need.

Earwax removal by a specialist nurse can be also be arranged, this too was very impressive.


Would you recommend The Hearing Care Centre to a friend or family member? 

Most definitely – I already have.


How did your hearing loss affect you before you sought help from an audiologist? 

When I gave talks to large groups of people, I had difficulty hearing questions from the audience and frequently needed to ask several times for the question to be repeated.


How has better hearing helped improved your life? 

Now I am totally dependent on my hearing aids for improvement to my hearing both in my family life and my charity work.  

When I remove them, I struggle to hear and when the battery runs out, I know it is time to go to bed!


What are your favourite features of the Starkey Livio Edge Bi-Cros hearing aids and TV connector?

With the Bi-Cross hearing aids, I feel less likely to lose my balance but the greatest improvement is knowing where sound is coming from. This is an enormous help!

The TV connector has helped to sharpen voices and means I can use subtitles much less, usually only for programmes where actors have heavy accents. I am looking forward to trying the TV connector on my computer for Zoom meetings as well!


Is there anything else you would like to mention about your experience with The Hearing Care Centre? 

I feel comfortable in the knowledge that as I get older, and my hearing deteriorates further, The Hearing Care Centre will know how to improve my hearing aids in line with new technology. It is important to have regular check-ups and I feel comfortable that they provide prompts to attend these!  

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