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New Hearing Aid Technology

New Hearing Aids Technology: Signia & Phonak

The next generation of hearing aids: Signia & Phonak

Hearing aid technology is advancing at a furious pace, with innovations and new options being announced every year. Signia and Phonak are both at the forefront of this, and have continued this trend with the release of some amazing new devices. Many hearing loss sufferers struggle to hear people in conversations, especially when there’s a lot of background noise. Modern hearing devices are looking to improve this for their users, and these new devices are no different!

The Signia Xperience uses new technology called ‘Dynamic Soundscape Processing’ which improves the wearer’s ability to understand speech and natural sounds in difficult situations, such as in busy environments and whilst moving. It also recognises the wearer’s voice and uses this to make their voice more recognisable and clearer!

Phonak are also looking to improve their technology in this area. Their new device, the Phonak Roger select, can detect who, or what, you’re listening to and amplify sound from up to 10m away! It also reduces background noise so whoever or whatever you’re listening to is easier understand.

Connectivity is another area of great improvement. The Signia Xperience and Phonak Marvel offer Bluetooth connection to your smart TV, mobile phone, or laptop. They even have mobile apps that you can use to fine tune settings and customise your hearing device. All of this means that you can answer phone calls, listen to music, or watch television, through your hearing aids.

Want your hearing aids to be more subtle? The Phonak Titanium is custom-made to fit your ear and is placed within your ear canal, rather than outside your ear. This means that your hearing aids will be the best kept secret around! Not only that, they’re comfortable and ensure great sound quality!

Want to find out more about any of the new devices or technologies? Your audiologist can walk you through all of them and discuss how these technologies could improve your hearing. Book a hearing aid consultation today.

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