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Welcoming Jude to The Hearing Care Centre

At The Hearing Care Centre, we’re proud to be comprised of a team who are passionate about what they do. We know the difference that some additional care and attention can make, which is why we’re always willing to go the extra mile when helping you with your hearing.

Feeling comfortable and confident with your audiologist is important, so we’re delighted to introduce you to our recent recruit, Jude. Jude is a friendly and experienced audiologist, who is passionate about delivering a high level of care to each of his clients.

We’re sure lots of you will meet Jude very soon, however, before then, here’s a little bit more about Jude and his hearing care history!

Jude’s interview

Hi everyone, I’m Jude – a new recruit here at The Hearing Care Centre! I am joining the team after 3 years of experience working in the NHS as an audiologist. I have a degree in biomedical science but later completed a masters in audiology to fulfil my desire to be in a more patient-facing role.

I also have a big passion for music and football alongside audiology. I hope that I can aid every clients’ hearing to the best of my ability so they don’t miss out hearing the people they love.


What encouraged you to get into audiology?

My interest in working with patients face to face encouraged me to get into audiology. As well as this, thanks to my love of music and podcasts, I have a passion for restoring hearing.

What is your favourite thing about working at The Hearing Care Centre?

My favourite thing about The Hearing Care Centre is that we can tailor treatment to each patient’s specific needs with a wide range of options available in the clinic.

What is your most memorable moment since joining the team?

I only joined the team at the end of January, so I have a lot of experiences to look forward to still! Apart from that, before I joined the team I spent a day shadowing Oliver and I saw him carry out a tinnitus counselling appointment. During this, I saw the relief the patient felt afterwards and I remember thinking “that’s how I want my consultations to be!”.

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