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Latest hearing aid developments showcased at The Colchester Hearing Show 2019

What a show!

Our first ever Colchester Hearing Show, held 9 May at The Holiday Inn, Eight Ash Green, was a resounding success. A steady flow of visitors attended throughout the day to view the diverse exhibition, hear engaging talks, enjoy free hearing checks and network with other hearing aid users or those seeking support.

The exhibition featured leading manufacturers showcasing the very latest in cutting-edge hearing technology, along with charities like Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and local support groups. Exciting developments in the future of hearing aids were demonstrated, such as Starkey’s new Livio device – the world’s first hearing aid that monitors brain and body activity, provides heart rate information and detects any falls.

The full programme of talks included subjects such as tinnitus and therapies, a client’s hearing aid experience, technological progress and a presentation by special guest speaker, Arcot Maheshwar, ENT consultant surgeon. Mr Maheshwar explained how hearing works, the different types of hearing loss and he encouraged people to get their hearing sorted out before it gets too late.

Feedback from visitors included comments such as: ‘very informative’, ‘great to have all the hearing aid manufacturers in one place’, ‘good to be among people who understand your hearing problems’ and ‘are you going to do it again?’ Yes – watch this space!


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