Tinnitus Management

At The Hearing Care Centre, we recognise that there is no known cure for tinnitus, but a variety of proven treatment options are available to help give relief. Our audiologists are trained in a range of tinnitus management techniques and can provide professional advice and support. In particular, Debbie Lawrence RHAD FSHAA is an accredited tinnitus lay counsellor with the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) and runs regular tinnitus clinics from our main centre in Colchester. We are corporate members of the BTA, find out more about them here.

It is known that tinnitus can often mask an underlying hearing loss. If this is diagnosed and a hearing aid is prescribed, it can help reduce or even eliminate the awareness of tinnitus altogether. Our audiologists will conduct an indepth hearing and tinnitus assessment to determine if any hearing loss is present and if a hearing aid can help. We also offer alternative solutions, including a range of tinnitus therapies and accessories, along with referral to a specialist CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) counsellor if required.

Debbie Lawrence RHAD FSHAA runs our specialist Tinnitus Clinic

Treatment package at our Tinnitus Clinic comprises:
  • 1 1/2 hour full diagnostic tinnitus and hearing assessment (£90), including ear examination with our video-otoscope camera.
  • Professional counselling and impartial advice on tinnitus management techniques and treatments, including noise generators, hearing aids and other solutions.
  • Free copy of the book  ‘Living with tinnitus and hyperacusis’  by Drs Laurence McKenna, David Baguley and Don McFerran (leading UK tinnitus experts)
  • Tinnitus information packs from the British Tinnitus Association
  • Follow-up and support sessions (£45)
  • Latest from the world of research and the quest for tinnitus relief
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